What To Consider When Choosing A Bundle Plan (TV, Internet, Phone)


Certain service providers allow customers to combine TV, internet and phone into one bill, offering savings by doing so. The phone is usually a land line versus a cell phone. The services can include all three or two. The premise of these plans is to offer savings but still encouraging customers to buy all three services.

When choosing a bundle plan it’s very important to see if the savings are only made initially, but have substantial raises in fees as the contract goes along. Most bundles plans involve at the very least a one year plan. If one is to buy these services individually they are often much more expensive then purchased together.

However you can get individual price quotes to see what the exact monthly savings are. Some people have found that buying only two services is enough savings for them. Some people report that they don’t use one service enough for it to be worthwhile to actually buy. In those cases companies offer customers the opportunity to bundle only the two they use. It is still normally a huge savings then buying one separately. Again get the price quotes for the services you need, to see what a bundle plan will actually save each month.

Some customers depending on what service they are using, satellite versus cable, may not be able to bundle from one company. There are options in these cases to bundle with a traditional phone company and the satellite company that way receiving only one bill, often times there is a few dollars of savings a month. It’s not the same amount of savings, when all services are with the same company. Cable companies never have to partner with anyone; they always offer all three TV, Phone and internet. So these types of bundles are the cheapest.

However if there is an option between cable and satellite that will always be the cheapest price one. The average monthly bill for a phone company and a satellite TV company is about 65 dollars a month, and that includes 200 channels plus high speed internet. The prices will be much higher with a cable company bundle package.

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