Benefits of “Take Your Home Phone Anywhere” Technology

ID-10047098Take your home phone anywhere technology has allowed both business and residential consumers to experience greater freedom than ever before.

Whether you’re waiting for an important call or just want to keep in touch, take your home phone anywhere solutions can help you out. You can use a service from your carrier to make and receive calls using your actual home phone number if you have a smartphone. The home phone service works just like a traditional landline, though you can probably get alerts that your home phone is ringing on your cell phone if you use this service.

While you’re Away

Should you be out of the house, you can run an app that allows you to pick up your home phone from anywhere that you get a cellular signal without the person on the other end having to call a different number. This can prevent confusion and streamline things. It’s especially useful too for those that run home-based businesses.

Best of all is that this works anywhere. If you have a smartphone configured to run the right app from your telephone carrier, then you can make or receive calls anywhere that you receive a signal. Outbound calls will always be displayed with the home caller’s ID number, so there’s no confusion. This can also give you a second identity on you mobile phone, and help to keep your number private if you don’t want other people to know about it.

Downloading the App

Taking advantage of this kind of service is easy for those who are subscribers to compatible systems like Vonage. Apps generally work with iPhone or Android devices, and can ring up to two cellular phones as well as the regular landline phone systems. WiFi options are also available.

This is especially great if you have a free WiFi connection at work. It’s also great if you’re traveling and might have access in whatever place you’re lodging at, and is perfect for areas where cellular coverage is poor. If you are interested in this feature plus lot more new  features of your home phone you can visit to compare home phone service price, plan, features, promotional offers and more in your area.

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