Ways to protect your identity while on public Wi-Fi


The internet can be an extremely useful tool, but it can also be used maliciously. They can use the personal information they retrieve about their victims online to extort money from them. In some cases, the criminals are extremely skilled in hacking websites. There are also instances when the victims seemingly hand them this information on a silver platter without their knowledge. This can be extremely stressful for those victimized as they are sometimes even mistaken to be the criminal because of the “shared” identity.

By being informed on how you can protect your identity online, you can save yourself from becoming a victim. Here are some helpful and effective ways to protect your identity while on public Wi-Fi:

  • Avoid visiting websites that look unsafe. These websites may ask for personal information upon your arrival, or it may redirect you to a website that does so. These websites usually have a lot of pop-ups. These websites carry viruses with them that can extract information from the device you are using.


  • When checking your email, be wary of your Spam folder. These messages may also carry viruses in them. Delete anything that you think looks suspicious.


  • Strengthen all your social media and email account passwords. Pick a password with numbers, letters and symbols in it. Make it a habit to change your passwords every 6 months for added security.


  • Do not give out any credit card or bank information unless you are 100% sure you are dealing with a reputable and safe website online. Cyber criminals are known to pose as online bankers or online shop owners to get this information. Also, do a regular credit check to monitor your finances and spending. In case you get victimized, call your bank immediately and let them know so they can freeze all your accounts.

The internet is a wonderful thing when used for the right purposes. By protecting your identity online, you lessen the chances of yourself getting victimized. Being aware of how you can do so is the first step to online security. It always pays to stay alert and be wary of your actions while on the web.  If you are looking for free public Wi-Fi near you freewifinearbyme.com will help you to locate you or you can enter your state and city or zip code to find free Wi-Fi near you from anywhere.

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