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Mediacom Communications - Prime Internet

Mediacom Cable is the leading provider of high-speed Internet, digital tv and phone service. Mediacom Cable serve over 1,500 communities throughout the country. Mediacom Internet services include a full suite of free security tools, multiple email addresses and great values on exclusive premium content all at super prices that you just can't get with DSL or dial-up.

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Prime Internet - Price & Features

Call: 1-855-371-3128

Download Speed Up to 15 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 1 Mbps
Best Price $74.85/mo for 12 months
Best Deal 12 Months Special
Internet Security Free Total Defense Internet Security Suite included
Free Router Modem - $7.50/month
WiFi Hotspots N/A
Email Addresses Up to 11 email accounts
Mediacom Communications TV, Internet and Phone offers are just a click away -
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