Internet FAQs

What is ISP?

An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides access to the Internet and other related services such as Video and Home Phone services to individual and business. For a monthly fee, user can have Internet connection from ISP and use the service to surf, access email, do online shopping, listen to music, watch videos, play games and more. AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter are well known Internet Service Providers.

Why do we need your zip code?

Each ISP covers different area in US that means internet access availability depends on your area. So, by entering your zip code, you will see ISP deals that you can actually get. We don't use or collect your zip code data for anything else.

What do I need to get ISP?

You need a modem or router and phone line if you choose DSL internet. If you choose wireless, cable or satellite ISP you don't need a phone line. A modem or router is typically provided by you ISP. Also, some DSL companies doesn't need a phone line.

How do I know who is my Internet provider?

Your internet service provider (ISP) is the company that provides you internet access. The simplest way to find your Internet service provider is to visit website that will automatically find and show your IP address, location and ISP. is another free website that will show your ISP just by visiting their home page.

What are the different types of ISP in USA?

There are five types of ISP in USA- DSL Internet, Cable Internet, Wireless Internet, Satellite Internet, Fiber Internet

What type of Internet connection is the fastest?

Today Fiber internet is the fastest connection compare to traditional DSL and Cable. Fiber to home refers to transmit information over optical fiber direct from provider's central location to a home or business which can deliver speed up to 1Gbps or more.

What is the download speed?

Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the Internet to the user's computer. Faster the download speed, quick you can pull data from the Internet to your devices. Good download speed lets you download large files, streaming music and videos and play games online.

How fast download speed do I need? or What is a good internet speed per person?

How much internet speed you need depends on what you use the web for and how many devices connected at the same time.

For general Web browsing, email, social networking, music streaming 1-2 devices 10 Mbps
For video streaming, Video conferencing 1-2 devices 25 Mbps
For Online Gaming, Netflix HD stream 2-4 devices 50 Mbps
For downloading large file 4-6 devices 100 Mbps

What is upload speed?

Upload speed is the rate at which data is transferred from user's computer to the web. Faster the upload speed, quick you can send date from your device to the Internet. Good upload speed is necessary to attach large files in email, share photos and videos and using video chats.

What is the usage data limit?

Data limit is a cap - the amount of data you can receive with any internet package and can limit your connection or charge you extra if you go over the limit.

Do download usage data limits matter?

Heavy users who likes to stream high quality video through Netflix or online gaming will usually want unlimited data, while people who use the internet for surfing, checking emails and social networking may ok with data limits.

Can I get ISP without a phone line?

You do not need a phone line for Cable, Wireless, Satellite or Fiber optic Internet service. However, you may require getting a phone line if you're looking for DSL Internet service. You can also get DSL Internet service without a phone line. Naked DSL, also called standalone or dry loop DSL is a DSL Internet service by Telco that works without need for having a phone line.

What is Kbps, Mbps, Gbps? And Which one is faster?

Internet speeds are measured in 'bits per second', often called Kbps, Mbps and Gbps. A Kilobits per second (Kbps) is equal to 1000 bits. A Megabits per second (Mbps) is equal to 1000 Kbps. A Gigabits per second(Gbps) is equal to 1000 Mbps. Gbps is faster than Mbps and Mbps is faster than Kbps.

What is Modem and how it works?

Modem is a device that connects to Internet service provider (ISP) and allows to access the internet. DSL modems have a copper wire connectivity to phone jack on the wall. Cable modems have a coaxial cable connectivity that is same cable use to access Cable TV at home. You can connect your computer to modem using ethernet cable and access the internet. Alternatively, user can connect router to modem and connect multiple devices to router to access the internet.

What is Router and how it works?

For home network, router is a wired or wireless device that is connected to the modem and allows multiple devices to connect directly to the router and access the Internet. If router is wired, then user need to connect computer or laptop with Ethernet cable. If router is wireless, then user can connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices without any wired connection. Most modern routers offer wireless connectivity, so you can connect your smartphone, tablets and laptops at the same time without need of cable.

What is Wi-Fi network?

Wi-Fi (Wireless Friendly) is a networking technology that uses radio frequency to provide wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi enables device to connect router without wired connectivity and use high speed Internet. You can also connect to public Wi-Fi networks such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and get connected to the Internet while on the go. These locations are known as hotspots.

What is a bundle?

Bundle is buying two or three services (Internet, TV and Phone) from the same provider. It will help you save money and time. You can have single bill for all three services and one company to deal with.

Can I switch ISP provider at any time? Or How do I switch ISP provider?

First You will need to check that you are out of contract with your current provider. If you are still under contract you will need to review the cancellation terms in your agreement. In most cases, the provider will request that in order to cancel the contract you pay the remaining monthly costs. Now a day some ISP companies give credit for get out of your contract to help cover your early termination fee. Also, many internet providers often offer opening deals for switching to their service.

What is Parental Control and how to use it?

Parental Control is a feature that lets parents control or limit use of Internet by their children. Parent Control is a feature in Windows operating system. To set control, you need to create user account on the computer that children will use to login and surf the Internet. Once user is crated you can limit access to specific websites, prevent children from sharing personal information and limit how long children can be online and use the Internet. You can also view reports of your children's online activities.

What is Malware and how to stop it?

Malware is a malicious software or program that is specifically designed to gain access or harm user device without his or her knowledge. Types of malware includes spyware, viruses, worms or any type of code that intrudes the device. Antivirus programs can recognize, warns and stop unknown malware threat targeting your device. Malware protection is must if you want to protect your device from unwanted harmful software.

What is Webmail?

Webmail, also called web-based email is a web application provided by Internet service provider to access, send and receive email. Users can visit webmail just like any website by typing address of the webmail in browser's address bar. User need to type his or her email address (username) and password to get authenticated. Webmail allows user to access email account from anywhere in the world. Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail are the most popular free email providers having webmail. Unlike email clients, webmail do not download emails on user computer and user need Internet to access email each time.

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