Optimum Internet Service Plans 2022

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Optimum by Altice is a leading telecommunications company provides digital television, voice and high-speed Internet services to households and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Optimum available in my area?

Optimum offers Internet service across 4 states including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

What is the fastest Optimum Internet speed in my area?

Depends on availability, Fastest Internet speed from Optimum you can get is 1 Gbps.

What is the cheapest Optimum Internet service plan in my area?

Cheapest Internet service plan from Optimum you can get is 100 Mbps for 29.99 per month.

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$29.99 per month
  • 100M/100M Internet Speed
  • Free install
  • No monthly data caps
$39.99 per month
  • 300M/300M Internet Speed
  • Free install
  • Free internet for 1 month
  • No monthly data caps
$60 per month
  • 500M/500M Internet Speed
  • Free install
  • Free internet for 1 month
  • No monthly data caps
$80 per month
  • 940M/940M Internet Speed
  • Free install
  • Free internet for 1 month
  • No monthly data caps

Optimum Internet Plan Questions and Answers

Which Optimum Internet speed is right for me?

Optimum internet service provides different speeds depends on your needs. Optimum 300 offers speeds of up to 300 Mbps on a wired connection, which is more than adequate for light household use and HD video streaming on multiple devices. Optimum 500 can easily handle 4K Ultra HD video streaming and fully connected homes. And Optimum 1 Gig offers top-of-the-line connectivity for hardcore gamers and larger home networks.

Does Optimum internet service have any data caps (Data Limits)?

Optimum internet service is free of data caps or data limits. However Optimum may insist limits for customers who violate their excessive use policy.

Does optimum have any promotion or offer if I switch?

Yes, you will receive Visa Prepare card up to $200, Free installation, and $10 off your first month when you order online.

Does Optimum internet provider have any contract?

Optimum internet service provider doesn't have contracts. However, if you cancel the Service before the completion of any required promotional term to which You agreed, you agree to pay Optimum any applicable early cancellation fee plus all outstanding charges for all Services used and Equipment purchased for which you have not paid prior to termination.

Does optimum internet service provide any contract buyout?

Yes, However Optimum will require some documents to be send, then you will receive a bill credit covering early termination fee (ETF) amount up to max of $100 within 6-8 weeks, provided with account maintained in good standing.

Does optimum internet service have 24/7 technical support?

Yes, from account and billing questions to technical support, you can contact optimum via phone, chat, or Optimum support App.

What kind of internet connection does Optimum internet service offer?

Optimum Internet service is brought into your household via a cable connection from larger fiber optic network.

Is there any Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot available in my area?

Yes, Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots are a network of over 2 million free Wi-Fi internet access points that allow you to make high-speed internet connections on the go as easily as when you're connected at home.

Is Optimum Internet offers FREE Internet with the new Affordable Connectivity Program?

Optimum is dedicated to helping our communities stay connected affordably. Optimum internet service is participating in the federal government’s affordable connectivity program. If you qualify, and depending on the speed you choose, your Optimum Internet service could be FREE with $30 monthly credit.

Does Optimum internet service provide any security?

Yes, Optimum intelligent network has built-in security to help protect you from online threats like viruses, malware and more at no extra cost.

Does Optimum provide any other services in my area?

Yes, Optimum provides digital television and mobile service along with high-speed Internet services to households and businesses.

Do I save if I bundle with Optimum internet service?

You can save up to $30/month when you combine your internet service with optimum mobile service.