WildBlue - Liberty 25 Internet

Wild Blue provides Internet services in all 50 states with four satellites high above the earth, in geostationary orbits more than 22,500 miles over the equator. Wild Blue delivers affordable two-way broadband Internet access via satellite to virtually any home and small business in small cities and rural America. Satellite internet service connects your home or small office to the Internet at speeds much faster than a dial-up connection, and at speeds faster than many DSL or wireless services offer.

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Liberty 25 - Price & Features

Download Speed 12 Mbps
Upload Speed 3 Mbps
Best Price $50/month for 3 months
Best Deal Save $25/mo for 3 months, Reg. $75/mo.
Internet Security -
Free Router -
WiFi Hotspots -
Email Addresses -
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Included Features:

  • 25GB/month Priority Data
  • No Hard Data Cap
  • Free Zone: 3am to 6am daily
Free standard installation
  • All plans require 24 month commitment and $9.99/month equipment lease fee
  • WildBlue Satellite Internet service plans & prices

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