FreedomPop Internet Plans

FreedomPop is the nation's first wireless Internet provider committed to delivering 100% FREE 4G mobile broadband Internet access. FreedomPop's high speed wireless internet service runs across Sprint's LTE network, 4G WiMax and 3G CDMA networks.

  • 500 MB per month free
  • Great for Facebook and email.
  • Extra data 2¢ per MB
  • 100% Free Trial
  • Includes Nationwide 3G Roaming
  • 500 MB free 1st month
  • Great for web browsing and checking email
  • Extra data 2¢ per MB
  • 100% Free Trial
  • 2 GB free 1st month
  • Great for emailing Facebook and photos
  • Extra data $0.015 per MB

User Reviews

5 (1 Review)

Portland , OR

Jan 27, 2016

decided on the hotspot, could never get it to work, spent ton of time on the phone speaking with people who either couldn't understand me or I couldn't understand them. Then told I have a defective hot spot and to send it back, on my dime, cost me $9.00 to send it back. supposed to be a free trial, they charge my credit card anyway. be careful, look at other options.

Barrington, RI

Jan 6, 2016

free cell phone service!
I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 for my family members. They all use FreedomPop's free service with Google Voice = unlimited texts and more voice minutes a month than they'll ever use. Using Freedom Friends, they all get 600 MB a month and can share some of their unused data -- which they hardly ever need to do because they're mostly on WiFi. I feel bad for families spending $100+ a month for exactly the same capabilities.

Eddy K

Dec 1, 2015

Used to get 10 gigs a month for $24.00. They changed providers and now only get 2 gigs for the same price. If I wanted to get 10 gigs again it would cost me $75.00. Guess what? I cancelled.