How to improve your home's WiFi connection

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When your home wireless connection isn't great or the connection is getting really slow, you tend to drop off the internet little by little. Yet, there are many things you can do in order to improve your home's wireless connection.

Below are some of the selected ways you can adopt in order to enhance the speed of your home Wi-Fi service.


The first thing you need to do is to locate your router at the central location of your home. The mistake many people make is putting their router in a closet or in a cabinet for the sake of security or to prevent damage without knowing that it is a one-way ticket to slow Wi-Fi connection. You also need to consider the area of your house where you are using the internet connection the most. Walls and doors can serve as a barrier which can ultimately absorb signals and reduce the quality of the signal that generates. Locating the router at the center means less distance, less obstructions and enhanced signal.

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Home appliances such as microwaves, florescent lights, cordless telephones and even routers in your neighborhood can affect your Wi-Fi signal. To avoid this, locate your wireless router in a way that it does it interfere with the channel and frequency of your household appliances. You should as well avoid situating your wireless router new metallic objects which can as well absorb some of the signal strength. You can also get a phone that does not possess the same frequency as your router to avoid your connection to be compromised.


Many routers are packaged with 2 antennas that are adjustable. Changing the direction of these antennas might provide the changes you require. A perpendicular router's antenna will enhance a concrete connection between the home network and home gadgets using it.


The average range of most routers is about 150 feet. For those living in big houses may have computers and network using devices father away from the location of the router, connecting to the network may be hard and very slow even when it connects. A Wi-Fi repeater is the best and easiest way to boost the signal of those far places. Wi-Fi repeater is often plugged into any wall socket and has the ability of increasing the signal's strength and range. Although the internet speed may be slow, the connection range will be increased.


In case you are living in a very populated home environment, adding password to your router will limit the access outsiders and will only make the network accessible to authorized persons only. Make use of the security provisions of your router to control the usage of your network. Generally, the fewer the number of devices connected to your home network, the better the quality and speed of your network.


Router's channel change is another way to improve your home wireless connection. This is effective for those living amidst neighbors with Wi-Fi signal as well. Most routers were built with almost 10 channels. Checking through these channels will indicate if an improved signal is found on other channels. Also, it will ensure that other neighbor's signal will not conflict with yours.


Sometimes, you need to observe if your router is outdated or old. Replacing your router and/or your Wi-Fi cards to more modern ones is another way to improve you home wireless network. Modern routers were built with latest technology which may be quite better than before. Upgrading to a modern one might give a better and stronger Wi-Fi signal.

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