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WOW! 500Mbps Internet Plan

WOW! is the ninth largest cable TV provider in the United States offering Internet, TV and Home Phone services.

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500Mbps Internet Price & Features

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Download Speed Up to 500 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 50 Mbps
500Mbps Internet Price $59.99/mo for 24 months
Best Deal 2-year special
Internet Security Free WOW! Security
Free Router N/A
WiFi Hotspots N/A
Email Addresses Up to 7 email accounts
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500Mbps Internet Features

  • Fastest Internet service engineered for intensive downloading and uploading of content.
  • Ideal for online-centric households and for those that frequently work from home.
  • w/ 2 year agreement
  • Wireless home networking is available.
  • $69.99/mo monthly plan

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