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  • MetroCast HIGH SPEED TURBO Internet Plan

    MetroCast serves over 150,000 customers in New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Save big and enjoy the convenience of MetroCastís great TV / Internet / Phone bundles on one bill, from one company, all backed by the highest level of customer care and 24/7 technical support.

    HIGH SPEED TURBO Price & Features

    Get HIGH SPEED TURBO by MetroCast for only $60.95/month.
    Download Speed Up to 50 Mbps
    Upload Speed Up to 5 Mbps
    HIGH SPEED TURBO Price $60.95/month
    Best Deal -
    Internet Security -
    Free Router DOCSIS 3.0 modem required for MetroCast Internet services
    WiFi Hotspots MetroCast mobile hotspots for free
    Email Addresses -
    MetroCast TV, Internet and Phone offers are just a click away - CableMover.com

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    • Great for downloading pictures and music, light video streaming and casual gaming

    MetroCast Cable Internet service plans & prices